15 Minutes to Fame!

You aspire to a career in the arts. We get it. We're a group of pros who have amazing careers in the entertainment industry, and now we're ready to help you find your fame, too.

But you don't have a lot of time, or a lot of extra cash. We've got you covered! In as little as 15 minutes consulting with one of us, you could be the next big thing!

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15 Minutes With Us Helped Her Get Signed to A Talent Agency

"I started dancing when I was twelve years old and always dreamed of performing on Broadway. My greatest struggle has been expanding my social network to connect me to the right people to help me succeed. After two fifteen-minute consultations with The Dream Counsel, I feel so informed and prepared to jump into my dancing career! I’m soon auditioning for two local productions and have recently signed with a talent agency in my area! I’m so excited for all the opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to find without the help of The Dream Counsel!"


15 Minutes With Us Can Get You On The Inside of the Entertainment Industry

Its your time for fame. How can you get there? You need answers:

How do I find a manager or an agent?
Where can I find casting calls?
What do I need to build a home studio?
How can I find opportunities for dancers?
What do I need to make my own beats?
How do I get professional photos taken?
Where can I perform live on stage?
Where can I take acting lessons?
How do I find a band to back me up?
How can I protect my stage name?
How do I copyright my new song?
Where can I find beats for my raps?
Is there a school for voice actors?